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Glass Collecting

Glassfacets.com is a website dedicated to the hobby of glass collecting.  Whether you're a novice, new to the realm of glass collecting, or an established collector, I hope this site will prove to be a useful resource for you. 

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Where did it all begin?

In 1993, I moved into a new apartment.  For the first time, I lived alone: after years of college roommates, housemates, and so on.  A futon couch (which doubled as a bed), a dresser, a table, a T.V. were (well... unless you count my cat) the only pieces of furniture I had at the time. I recall sitting in the middle of the living room envisioning some decorating design.  What colors should I paint the various rooms, what pieces of furniture should I buy and what to hang on the walls.

One morning, my folks called and asked what I needed for the new place. Something made of glass would be nice.  It was the first thing that came to mind. I had watched various design programs featuring remodeled homes or renovated rooms often incorporating glass into the design.
That Christmas, my folks gave me a piece of green glass.  It was Fostoria's green oval bowl in the Coin pattern (#1372).  I loved the piece, truly unique. The Christmas of '94, my folks gave me the matching sugar & creamer, and two candlesticks.  In '95, I received the tall urn and a handled nappy.  My first glass book was: Fostoria - An Identification and Value Guide of Pressed, Blown & Hand Molded Shapes, by Ann Kerr. I discovered Fostoria and learned more about Coin glass and the variety of colors it was produced. Oh, look out!  The collecting bug hit...... and HIT HARD!  I was hooked!
I acquired more glass, more books, more glass, more knowledge, and more glass.  I discovered the world and likes of Fostoria, Cooperative Flint, Cambridge, Fenton, Paden City, New Martinsville, Imperial, and many, many more.  Over the years, my love of glass has resulted in many cabinets with a collection consisting of  100s of pieces of glass.  Who would have thought one piece of glass would have created such an obsession? Glass has added much joy to my life, and introduced me to so many gracious, and knowledgeable, people in the world of glass collecting.
This web site is the result of my passion. I was encouraged by family, friends and fellow collectors to share my passion and knowledge, by creating a resource for those interested in this lovely art.  As, I've heard it said often; "We must keep the tradition alive."  

This website is dedicated to the all the men, women & families who worked in the factories, designing and creating the treasures we have come to admire and enjoy, and to all the collectors whom I have befriended who so graciously shared their knowledge with me.  Lastly, it is dedicated to you, anyone and everyone, who has a passion for glass.
My goal is to provide a comprehensive site, where resources are available to help all you collectors out there, to share stories, and hopefully offer insight.  I hope you find Glassfacets.com useful. If you have any feedback, or want to share your stories and experiences, I would love to hear from you.  May you all be well, and may you find the special treasures you've been seeking!